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Cigar of the Day: 06-30-07

June 30, 2007

COTD: 06-30-07  –  Had a Ramón Allones Specially Selected late in the evening while I was out roasting coffee.  Very good!

La Corona Panatela (1991)

June 29, 2007


La Corona Panatela
5 x 35
Age: 1991
Wrapper/Binder/Filler: Cuba
Date: 06-29-07
Smoke Time:  45 minutes


Prelight:  The wrapper is a bit rough and mottled with a couple of major veins.  The cap is slightly pinched at the end.  The aroma is mostly tobacco and paper, with a sweet undertone.  After clipping, the prelight flavor is grassy with a hint of anise.

1/3:  This cigar starts mild with a slightly sweet tobacco flavor with just a hint of black papper.  The ash is medium-gray and slightly flaky.


2/3:  The pepper flavor became more noticeable – not spiciness, but rather the actual flavor of black peppercorns.  There is a touch of grassiness, and the flavor at this point is what I would describe as a little bit “rough”

3/3:  The peppercorn flavors settle a bit, and the cigar continues to be rather mild overall.


Overall:  It was fun experience smoking a 16 year old cigar.  It was mild overall, with a little more depth than I expected.  Fortunately, there were some evolving flavors that prevented boredom with the mildness.  A pleasant smoke.

Cigar of the Day: 06-28-07

June 29, 2007

COTD: 06-28-07 – Another day that required 3…    had a yellow label house brand robusto-ish sized smoke.  Not very inspiring…  somewhat bitter and tannic.  grassy.  I got it in a freebie sampler – glad I didn’t pay good money for it.  On the way home from having lunch with my wife and inlaws had an Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente.  I used to really like these and the Double Chateaus.  It was mild and flat – nothing to write home about at all.  Finished of the evening on a good note with a Sancho Panza Beli.  (see the review in a different entry)

Sancho Panza Belicoso

June 29, 2007

Sancho Panza Belicoso
5-1/2 x 52
Wrapper/Binder/Filler: Cuba
Age: JUL 2002
Date: 06-28-07
Smoke Time: 70 minutes 


Prelight:  A perfect tan wrapper with a nice dusting of plume.  No veins or blemishes at all.  There was a floral aroma with a bit of barnyard.  Prelight flavor was dominataed by mild tobacco flavors. 1/3:  The first third started off with dry hay flavors accompanied by creamy and earthy undertones.  It was mild-bodied with a short finish, and the ash was firm and medium gray.


2/3:  The dry hay flavor evolved into a pleasant grassiness, and a saltiness joined the earthy undertone.  Though still mild in body, the flavors became a bit fuller.


3/3:  The salty/earthy flavor intensified a bit, and came to the forefront of the flavor profile.  The grassiness bittered just a little bit and became a little spicy – especially at the tip of my tongue.


Overall:  A nice mild Beli with a nice evolution of flavors.  I would certainly be able to enjoy this at any time of the day – mild enough for breakfast time, and at the same time satisfying enough for a nightcap.

Cusano Cuvée Grand

June 28, 2007

Cusano Cuvee Grand
#10244 (hand-numbered on band)
7 x 40
Wrapper: ECU
Binder: MEX
Filler: HON, DR
Date: 06-27-07
Smoke Time: 72 min.

(click to enlarge closeup pics of bands)

Prelight:  The wrapper was a dark-caramel color.  It was smooth with no major veins and only one very slight blemish.  The aroma was earth and cedar with a slight citrus twang.  The prelight draw was perfect with flavors of black tea and fresh tobacco.


1/3:  The cigar started right up with some spice on my lips and the tip of my tongue.  There were hay flavors with cedar, ad a hint of cinnamon.  The ash was solid and white.  This was a little more “in your face” than I had expected it to be.  It had a long finish that lingered in the back of my throat.


2/3:  The biting and lasting finish in my throat smoothed out with the spiciness still there.  A mild nic kick started, and there was a slight grassiness at the top of my palate.


3/3:  The nic kick continued to develop. The flavor components remained the same, but evolved into a smoother mixture, adding wet earth with a tough of black pepper.  I had to pitch it at 1” as it was getting a little too hot.


Overall:  A pretty darned good smoke that was stronger than expected.  I think a lot of the bite would smooth out with some more age.  A pleasant combination of flavors with constant evolution to keep you interested.  Definitely worth a try – age it as long as you can stand to before trying it.

Cigar of the Day: 06-26-07

June 27, 2007

COTD: 06-26-07  –  Enjoyed a Vegas Robaina Famosos this afternoon with a new friend from Stogie Chat, and had a Punch Punch in the evening.  Both excellent smokes, though the VR is one of my favorite Cuban flavor profiles at the moment (along with HdM and San Cristóbal de la Habana).

Cigar of the Day: 06-25-07

June 25, 2007

COTD: 06-25-07  –  I had a JFR Robusto this evening while out in the back yard listening to some music…   not too bad — a pretty good budget selection at about @2.65 each…    Most people seem to either like or hat these – I think they are a good smoke for the price.