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La Gloria Cubana – Medaille D`or No. 2

June 5, 2007

La Gloria Cubana – Medaille D`or No. 2

Wrapper/Binder/Filler – Cuba
6-3/4 x 43
Age: 1998
Source: Hutch – Thanks!
Date:  06.03.07
Time:  68 minutes
Beverage: Green Tea
Book:  “Busting Vegas” by Ben Mezrich   


The cigar was nice and spongy to the touch with now hard or soft spots.  The wrapper was a little mottled with a couple of blemishes.  It came undone a little bit above the band during the smoke, but it did not prove too bothersome. 


Prelight aroma was caramel and dry hay.  After clipping I found the draw to be perfect with cedar and pencil lead flavors. 

1/3: The wrapper was a little brittle to the touch so I had to handle it carefully.  Started off pretty mild with tangy and cedar falvors.  The finish was short, and there was a grassiness in the back of my palate and in my sinuses.  


2/3: The ash was nice and solid – medium gray with some darker lines.  The smoke volume increased, and the grassiness was replaced with and aromatic/floral flavor.  There was a very slight white pepper spice at the tip of my tongue. 


3/3: All of the flavors except the spiciness intensified.  There were notes of dry hay.  At the very end, the slight spiciness returned as the cigar heated up. 

lgcmdo2-005a.jpg lgcmdo2-006a.jpg 

Conclusion:  Overall a pretty nice and easygoing smoke.  Mild to medium, with some very mellow flavors.  Not super “in your face”, but rather more refined.  Certainly not mild to the point of being bland. 

Score: 3.5/5 

Thanks for the opportunity Hutch!