Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Prince

 (Originally reviewed and published June 2006) 

Cigar:  Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Prince
Size:  5-1/8 x 40
Country:  Cuba
Age:  1999
Source:  Mickey, ASC
Smoke time:  48 min.
Date:  06/12/06

Pre-Light:  A very nice dark wrapper with a couple of small veins.  Nice and springy to the touch.  A pleasant woody aroma with a little floral note.  After cutting with my Xikar, the prelight draw is perfect with just the right amount of resistance.  Pre-light flavor was woody/earthy with a touch of mint.

1/3:  Starts right off with a wonderful volume of thick smoke.  The flavors were woody with a deep earthiness.  This with the slight spiciness on the tongue is a great start!

2/3:  The second third really shined for me as the woody and earth flavors really intensified – the flavor was wonderful at this point.  The slight spiciness is still there at the tip of my tongue.

3/3:  With the flavors of the second third continuing, the spiciness intensified and caused a tingle on my lips and tongue.  Reluctantly let it go at 1/2 inch…

Overall a wonderful cigar with a great flavor profile.  Many thanks to Mickey for the opportunity to try it!!!   Definitely a box consideration
pending another from the series that I have to try…


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