Padilla Miami Hybrid torpedo

(Originally reviewed and published January 2006)

Cigar:  Padilla Miami Hybrid Torpedo
Size: 6-1/8 x 52
Wrapper:  Ecuador
Binder:  Domican Republic
Filler:  Dominican Republic, Peru, Nicaragua
Source/Price: LBSS, $5.40
Date: 01-24-06
Smoke Time: 67 minutes
Beverage:  Rogue Mocha Porter

  A very nice looking dark-caramel wrapper.  There were a couple of very small bumps, no other defects.  There was a slight barnyard aroma with a little floral and hay undertone.  Prelight flavor was bittersweet chocolate, raisins, and leather.   Wow, I hope this cigar smokes as well as the pre-light indicates!

  A little spiciness on the tongue with a strong cedary flavor.  There was evidence of a slight “sour” note, but it was not overpowering.  The spiciness continued on my tongue and lips through the 1st third and a slight grassy flavor emerged.

  The spicy bit went to the back of my palate and the grassiness turned into a wet vegetal flavor.  There was a slight leatheriness, but certainly
not enough to conteract the vegetal dominance.  At this point I was not super excited with the cigar.  Mild nic kick started.

  The wet vegetal flavor developed into… well…. more of the wet vegetal flavor…   The spiciness returned to the tip of my tongue with a vengance.  I was hoping that it was going to get better, but things were not promising.

Pitched it at 1-1/2″…   things were just not going anywhere.  I wish to hell this cigar smoked like the prelight smelled and tasted – what a let down!!!  I have a few of the robustos and am looking forward to trying them to see how they compare…


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