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Cuaba Generoso

June 8, 2007

 (Originally reviewd and published November 2004)

Cigar:  Cuaba Generoso 
Size:  42 x 5-1/8″  Figurado 
Wrapper/Binder/Filler: Cuba
Date Received: 07/04 
Suspected Age: 2003 
Source: Many thanks to TimL!!! 
Beverage(s):  Peet’s Sumatra 
Smoke time:  61 minutes 
Date:  11/26/2004

Pre-Light:  The wrapper was a beautiful dark-caramel color.  No major veins  or defects at all.  There was a distinct grassy & spicy pre-light aroma.  After decapitation, the draw seemed decent, and there was a wet grassy  flavor.

First Third:  Lit the Cuaba with my ASC/Z-Plus, and there was a immediately  a nice volume of thick smoke – more than I expected.  The draw was just a  tiny bit on the tight side, but this opened up after the first half-inch or  so.  The grassiness was still there, along with definite hay and some nice spiciness at the back of my palate.  The finish was nice and long, and left me thinking of toasted cedar.

Second Third:  The spiciness became more pronounced and the hay became more of a background flavor.  I also started to get some of the spicy tingle on my lips.  Boy, this is damn good!  The construction is still absolutely perfect with no burn issues at all.

Last Third:  This cigar finished beautifully.  The spiciness really intensified, as did the tingle in my mouth and on my lips.  The hay flavor turned back to grassiness at the back of my palate.  There was a mild Nic kick as I nubbed this stick…  I did not have a toothpick handy, but did burn the tips of my fingers at the end!

Overall:  This was a dynamite cigar with a flavor evolution that really did it for me!  I loved it, and it is defintiely a box-buy for me in the future!