Zoe… she is making a reputation for herself…

Well, Zoe’s second night was a nightmare…   she was up all night crying.  The toughest thing is that we didn’t get up all the time to check on her (so that she doesn’t learn that crying means immediate attention) – just 3-4 potty breaks through the night…     The problem was that we let her relax on Saturday since she was in a new environment, and she slept the day away!  A few times when we took her out to potty, she would sniff around the grass and then plop down for a nap right there on the back lawn!


Last night (Sunday night) was much better.  We introduced her to several neighborhood kids and she really seemed to have fun giving them all kisses.  Plus, we had a lot more play time through the day so she was beat when it came to bedtime.  She fell right asleep and made it a couple of good hours before her first potty break.  There were only a couple through the night, and then she got up with Nicole.  Nicole let her out to potty and then she was charged and ready to play!  I was semi-awake when Nicole left, but I knew that Zoe was not going to be quiet in her crate as she still wanted to play.  I got up a little past 6 and we played.


She has been really good with making it out back to use the facilities.


We have a lead on her that she is dragging around the house for now.  She doesn’t really like the leash, but the beginning of leash training can be challenging…  she will get it. 


Will start some basic training this afternoon as time permits…   will start with recall and sit and see how things go.


Right now she is sleeping at my feet as I type this – just like Monte used to!



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