Partagás Serie D No. 4

 (originally reviewed and published December 2004)

Cigar:  Partagás Serie D No.4
Size: 50 X 4-7/8″
Wrapper/Binder/Filler: Cuba
Age: Aug 2004
Smoke time: 64 minutes
Beverage: Dead Guy Ale
Date:  12/28/04

Pre-Light – Nice looking cigar with a smooth and lightly veined wrapper.  There were a couple of small bumps, but nothing major at all.  Aroma was tobacco and cedar with a touch of something floral in the background.  The prelight flavor was interesting – I could taste both hay and licorice.

1/3 – A very nice thick volume of smoke.  It had a lovely creamy and spicy flavor with a kind of richness underneath the flavor that lingered a bit.  The burn was perfect wish a nice white to light gray ash.

2/3 – The flavors intensified a bit, with the spiciness becoming more pronounced.  In addition, a slight grassiness developed in the background.  The rich, leathery finish continued to linger.

3/3 – The spiciness continued to become more pronounced with a peppery bite.  Not a bad bite at all, but it certainly let me konw it was there without being overpowering.  The grassiness turned into a slight toasted hay flavor.  Mild nic kick.

Overall – this was a really damn nice cigar that will certainly go on my box purchase list!  It had a nice balance and some really tasty flavors.  This sample was a bit young, and I bet they are really dynamite with a little time.


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