Zoe is quite the character…


Zoe is doing great…   she enjoyed her first trip out for an iced tea with me today.  She enjoyed sitting in my lap, drinking icewater, and people watching.
Crate training is going very well – in fact, yesterday she was sleeping in the office while I was working…  she got up and started barking, and then ran to the back door.  I opened it and she went out and did her thing…   We were shocked that she did that so quickly – it seemed to take forever to make that breakthrough with Monte!
She also sleeps a lot – lazy just like her father.   She could sleep the whole day away.   In fact, there have been times that we have taken her out for potty when she was tired, and she decided to just plop down on the grass and try to get some sleep… too funny!
Zoe has done great with meeting people, and really loves to play…  when she gets in her play-mood, she is really ready to go!
Here are some pics –
One pic of her sleeping makes it look like she is missing a leg…    🙂








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