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Taboada Canonasos

June 17, 2007

(originally reviewed and published December 2006) 

Cigar:  Taboada Canonasos
Size:  6 x 52
Wrapper:  Cuba
Binder:  Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Suspected Age:  2005ish  (rec’d in US Feb 2006)
Vendor/Price:  TimL, CCF
Beverage:  Coffee – Guatemala Pulp Natural La Candelilla
Smoke time:  1:38
Date: 27 Dec 2006

Pre-Light:  A very nice chocolate-brown wrapper with no major veins, bumps, or soft spots.  There was a distinct barnyard aroma, and after snipping the cap, I tasted a very earthy flavor with a noticeable hint of peppermint.  A perfect draw.


1/3:  The cigar started off right away with thick clouds of smoke.  There was an overall smooth creaminess at the beginning with a subtle spice at the back of my palate and in my nose.  The ash was medium gray and very firm.  As the first third progressed, the spiciness moved to the forefront with a bite and a dry-grass undertone.  I lost the ash at 1-1/2”.
 tab2.jpg          tab3.jpg

2/3:  Things got interesting here…   the spiciness is still there, but evolving.  It lost the initial bite in the attack, but became a much fuller and deeper spice with definite earth and hay notes.  Excellent flavor here, but a tiny bit of a twang that makes me think that a little more time aging would be beneficial.


3/3:  The nic kick starts to become noticeable here.  The flavors really start to intensify, still lots of earth with the spice.  In the last inch or so, the heavy attack of the spice comes back with a vengeance that I feel throughout my mouth and on my tongue and lips.


Overall:  A good cigar with a very interesting and pleasing evolution of intensities and flavors.  I think that with another 6 months to a year of age, it will definitely smooth out the transitions and become even better.  I definitely enjoyed the stick, but they are a bit cost-prohibitive for me to buy regularly.    8.5/10