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Cigar of the Day 06-20-07

June 20, 2007

COTD 06-20-07:  This afternoon I had a PSD4 from 2005 while Zoe was out eating and attacking the grass.  Great smoke – it is amazing how much difference even a couple of years of age can make!

Pergola Purgatory

June 20, 2007

So, I have been working on some shade for the backyard with the help of my dad.   We are finally done with one of the pergolas and it came out pretty well all things considered (the main consideration being the laborers involved).  Have a pretty decent sized backyeard with wester exposure has proven to be a total bitch during the summer.   The slider and big windows facing the back are not the best for keeping the house cool either.

Here are some pics of the first one – the backyard is a total disaster as we are still working back there.  Eventually everything will come out and it will be relandscaped…




Big Women in Skimpy Clothes

June 20, 2007

So, sometimes I see something and it makes me wonder…      Since the summer months are here, people tend to start dressing for the hotter weather.  I have noticed what may be a trend, and I am trying to figure out if I am on to something…

It seems that the biggest women are wearing the skimpiest clothing possible nowadays.  My first question is are these women so disillusioned that they think that this is actually appealing to anyone at all?  Do they think that they look good?  My second question is do these women actually buy clothing that is designed to be skimpy clothing for big women, or do they buy clothing for normal sized women and they just happen to fit differently?

Can it be comfortable to have your legs in pants as tight as sausage casings only to have pockets of fat bursting out of the top of your waisband?

I dunno…  it is kind of like them buying expensive shoes and purses to show off because designers don’t make clothes in a big enough size for them.



Cigar of the Day 06-19-07

June 20, 2007

COTD (Cigar of the Day) 06-19-07:  El Rey del Mundo Robusto Larga…   well, I used to like ’em years ago…  this had been sitting for a few years so I thought I would try it for old time’s sake.  Harsh, unidimensional and somewhat metallic – nothing like I remember.   Oh well, at least it was my last one… 

More about Zoe 06-19-07

June 20, 2007

More About Zoe  06-19-07

So, Zoe is doing very well.  She is really doing great with going outside to potty, and still really enjoys sleeping.  She loves to sleep in the kitchen either in her bed or on the cool floor.   She is still going through the chewing stage, so we are really on her about that…  it figures we have the dog that seems to like the taste of Bitter Apple… 

She is dragging her leash around the house and does well with it until she decides it is time to play and that the leash is her toy…  She is great with meeting people, and does not show much fear.  Our neighbors really love her and sometimes we think they come over to visit her instead of us!

She is doing better with sleeping in her crate, though it really isn’t her favorite thing – so different than Monte who absolutely loved his crate.  She sleeps pretty much through the night and she has been successful at holding it, but in the morning she REALLY has to go!

Zoe really likes towels – she will play with one at any time…   we found this out when she found the towel that we kept under her water bowl.  One day she got a hold of it and yanked, flipping her full water bowl over!   Too funny.    ;D

So we had our first puppy class tonight and she did a good job.  Only one of her classmates showed tonight (though there are supposed to be others) – a Pomeranian of course…    what a little furball.   Funny thing was that whenever people came over they all wanted to pet Zoe, but didn’t give much attention to “Tinkerbell”…  yes, I said Tinkerbell… 

So, as soon as the trainer starts talking about the course outline, etc, what does Zoe do?  She stretches right out for a nap about 3 feet in front of my chair in the “Superman Bullie” pose…   She was out.   The trainer actually had to laugh.   After the intro, we worked on really basic sit and down using a treat as a motivator.

It was a lot of fun, and as we ended the people from the next class all had a great time playing with Zoe.

Needless to say, she came home and was ready for a nap!