Zoe, Zoe, Zoe 06-25-07

Zoe is doing really well… she just had an appointment today for shots, and she weighed in at a healthy 19.6 lbs.   She is getting so big – I still remember when she was a little hamster right after she was born!

She continues to love to play, but she is much better at nipping at us unless she get real wound up…   🙂   She is still quite the chewer, and is getting a lot of use out of her Kongs.  Potty training is also going great – she is starting to bark if she is in her crate or in the kitchen and needs to go out, and she is doing a great job of holding it overnight.

Her newest trick is something she learned playing outside.  I have a big water bowl out there that I fill with ice and water when we are playing.   First, she will stick a paw in there and stir around, like she is trying to clear out a spot to get to the water without an ice cube in the way…   then she will just step into the bowl with one foot and then the other and stand there with her front 2 feet in the water bowl.  Then she will step her front paws out and step her back paws in the water and just look at me.  Usually after that at some point the water bow ends up being kicked over.   It is a lot less funny when this happens inside…

Here are some pics of what she does best!





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