Cusano Cuvée Grand

Cusano Cuvee Grand
#10244 (hand-numbered on band)
7 x 40
Wrapper: ECU
Binder: MEX
Filler: HON, DR
Date: 06-27-07
Smoke Time: 72 min.

(click to enlarge closeup pics of bands)

Prelight:  The wrapper was a dark-caramel color.  It was smooth with no major veins and only one very slight blemish.  The aroma was earth and cedar with a slight citrus twang.  The prelight draw was perfect with flavors of black tea and fresh tobacco.


1/3:  The cigar started right up with some spice on my lips and the tip of my tongue.  There were hay flavors with cedar, ad a hint of cinnamon.  The ash was solid and white.  This was a little more “in your face” than I had expected it to be.  It had a long finish that lingered in the back of my throat.


2/3:  The biting and lasting finish in my throat smoothed out with the spiciness still there.  A mild nic kick started, and there was a slight grassiness at the top of my palate.


3/3:  The nic kick continued to develop. The flavor components remained the same, but evolved into a smoother mixture, adding wet earth with a tough of black pepper.  I had to pitch it at 1” as it was getting a little too hot.


Overall:  A pretty darned good smoke that was stronger than expected.  I think a lot of the bite would smooth out with some more age.  A pleasant combination of flavors with constant evolution to keep you interested.  Definitely worth a try – age it as long as you can stand to before trying it.

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