La Corona Panatela (1991)


La Corona Panatela
5 x 35
Age: 1991
Wrapper/Binder/Filler: Cuba
Date: 06-29-07
Smoke Time:  45 minutes


Prelight:  The wrapper is a bit rough and mottled with a couple of major veins.  The cap is slightly pinched at the end.  The aroma is mostly tobacco and paper, with a sweet undertone.  After clipping, the prelight flavor is grassy with a hint of anise.

1/3:  This cigar starts mild with a slightly sweet tobacco flavor with just a hint of black papper.  The ash is medium-gray and slightly flaky.


2/3:  The pepper flavor became more noticeable – not spiciness, but rather the actual flavor of black peppercorns.  There is a touch of grassiness, and the flavor at this point is what I would describe as a little bit “rough”

3/3:  The peppercorn flavors settle a bit, and the cigar continues to be rather mild overall.


Overall:  It was fun experience smoking a 16 year old cigar.  It was mild overall, with a little more depth than I expected.  Fortunately, there were some evolving flavors that prevented boredom with the mildness.  A pleasant smoke.

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