Zoe – what a character!

Greetings —

Nicole hasn’t picked up an outfit for Zoe recently, but it seems that she does enjoy nude sunbathing…  🙂    I had her out back while I was doing a little cooking on the BBQ, and she just plopped down in a nice patch of sun to take a nap.   After a little while, I refilled her pool for her and she got in for a little dip…   she ended up just laying right down in the water in a patch of shade.  (That is why she is a little dark in the pool pics)



Zoe is so much calmer around people than Monte was at this stage in her life – it is like night and day.  I took her to Starbucks yesterday – I had an iced tea outside and she had her water.  She promptly fell sound asleep.  A few people wanted to pet her – I tried to wake her up and point the people out to her.  She looked at them, looked at me with the “Dad, you must be crazy if you think I am getting up” look, and fell right back asleep…  too funny!

We have been walking on lead, and she is doing okay…   she will get going pretty well, and get distracted or want to sniff around.  I don’t give her any leeway and get her back on track, and it is getting a little better…   practice, practice, practice…

We have puppy class tonight, so I am sure Zoe will get a nap in there…   :-p


2 Responses to “Zoe – what a character!”

  1. Brian Says:

    Now that is one cute bulldog! If my wife see Zoe, she’ll giggle, guaranteed. (That’s how I generally gauge a cute pet.) 🙂

  2. berris Says:

    Thanks – she sure is a kick! She is starting to develop her personality so that is fun. Now I just have to figure out how to teach her to fetch cigars… 🙂

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