Punch Royal Selection No. 12

Punch Royal Selection No. 12
5-1/8 x 42
Wrapper/Binder/Filler: Cuba
Age: 2005
Date 07.05.07
Smoke Time: 45 minutes

Prelight:  The cigar had a nice and smooth medium caramel-colored wrapper with no visible defects or blemishes.  Aroma was leather with a barnyard twang.  Prelight draw was dominated by spearmint and had cedar undertones.

1/3:  There was an immediate wet vegetal grassiness.  The smoke was rather acrid with a tiny hint of spice developing at the back of my palate.

2/3:  The vegetal grassiness went away, replaced by hay flavors.  The smoke is still a bit rough.

3/3:  A little peppery spice developed at the top of my tongue and lips, the muted hay falvors continued.  It started to heat up a bit in the last half inch.  The best third.

Overall:  An interesting stick that certainly got better as it smoked.  The last third was the best – it is too bad the first and second thirds didn’t live up to the last third.


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