Oh, Zoe!

So we had another vet appointment today with Zoe – time for more shots!   She does a great job at the vet, and even tried to play with a syringe a little bit!  🙂   So we had our official weigh-in today…    any guesses?    Drum Roll………..

At 14 weeks old, she weighs in at a stout 26.5lbs…   I couldn’t believe it!  I know she has grown a lot, but it is amazing, as we were used to Monte, who was a little smaller…   (he weighed 30 lbs. at 5 months old)   This growth spurt she is in is obviously “out” and not “up”.    She is in great health, and is really getting good at our walks (though I will give her today off as it was injection day).   She is good at keeping up and not pulling too much at all.  Our neighborhood is pretty quiet, so we don’t have too many interruptions in our routine.

A couple of days ago, Nicole left to run some errands and left Zoe in the kitchen while I was finishing up some work in the office.  I heard some strange noises coming from the kitchen, so I went to investigate…     Apparently, Mom left a drawer open a little too much, and the temptation was too great.

Here are some pics of the guilty party and the aftermath…    too funny!

(click thumbnails to enlarge)

Who me?!?!?



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