Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios

Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios
5-1/2 x 52
Wrapper/Binder/Filler: Cuba
Date: 07/17/07
Smoke Time: 73 minutes
Beverage: Iced tea


Prelight:  What a beautifully constructed cigar!  The wrapper was dark and smooth, with no veins or visible blemishes at all.   The aroma was a wonderful mix of deep earthiness and barnyard.  Prelight flavor was dominated by deep earthiness and top soil.  There was also a slight cedary bite at the back of my palate.

1/3:  The cigar started right off with an incredible smoke volume.  There was a grassy undertone with very heavy earthy and leathery overtones.  There was a nice tingle on my tongue and lips and it had an overall very nice and full flavor that filled my mouth.  The ash was solid and medium gray.

2/3:  The deep earthiness continued, and the grassiness was replaced by a spiciness in the back of my mouth, throat and even a little bit in my chest (though I was not inhaling the smoke).  This was not the hard biting attack of a black pepper spice, but rather it was more like a long and slow smoldering spiciness.

3/3:  A mild nic kick started as the final third began.  The spiciness continued and really intensified, becoming very powerful.  This cigar rally ended with a powerful explosion of spiciness.

Overall:  Wow, what a cigar.  The deep earthy flavors really agreed with my palate, as did the slow burning spiciness.  The very end got a little bit intense and maybe a little rough, but this would likely be smoothed out with some age.  The profile fit me nicely, and I look forward to trying the other sizes to see how they compare.  I will likely pick up a box of my favorite size and look forward to trying them in about 3-5 years to see how they mature.


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