Cigar Jack Contest!

So…  Cigar Jack is running a little contest – you ought to check it out here —>

You can have tons of fun and win fabulous prizes.   Okay…   so me blogging about his contest is one way that I may win a fabulous fun-filled prize, but that’s not important right now…

Just go to his site (it is linked over there on the right in case you haven’t figured it out yet) and comment on the entry “Win an Item from the Cigar Jack Store”

It’s that simple!

So, he asked what we thought of his new site…   I only have one comment/question…

Here is part of his new logo:


I like it…   but don’t you think he could have spent about two extra minutes with a paint program to at least add some hair?


logo-new-a.jpg logo-new-b.jpg 

Just a thought… 

 (Okay seriously…  it is a great site with tons of great info – just wanted to have a little fun!  :-))


One Response to “Cigar Jack Contest!”

  1. Cigar Jack Says:

    Sadly enough if I don’t keep it short I look like the one in the middle. Funny though. 🙂

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