Zoe’s First Family Reunion: 07-20-07

Wow… what a Friday Zoe had – I think she is still a little tired from all of that play!I am so happy that our breeder is not just someone that we bought a puppy from and that is it… we (all of the new families of Zoe and her littermates) keep in contact and share stories frequently, and it is really fun to hear that Zoe is not the only wacky one! 🙂 So, it worked out that Zoe and I were going to go up for a visit Friday evening along with one of Zoe’s sisters, Lola, and her new family.

I knew it was going to be a fun time as Kim (the breeder) hadn’t seen Zoe in a month and was anxious to see how she has grown… Zoe was about 12 lbs when she left, and was about 29 lbs the night we were there! Plus, Zoe was going to get to play with her momma Phoenix, her sister Gianna, and the other bulldogs that Kim and her husband have – Sadie, Sadie’s newer pup (8-weeks) Jagger, Piggy, and Mr. B. That and Lola coming meant there were goign to be an awful lot of bulldogs there!

So, Zoe and I got there a little early – about 5:30… Kim was SUPER excited to see Zoe and how she has grown, then we let Zoe in and there was chaos! She immediately went over and said hi to her sister (Gianna) and mom (Phoenix) and they all started running around the house together, wrestling, and having all sorts of fun. It was soooo funny and fun to watch.

After a while Lola and her family got there, and it started all over again. We eventually went out to the front yard and let them play and play and play. It was funny that one would try to plop down for a nap, and would quickly get attacked by another bullie and drawn back into the fray! 🙂

Needless to say, Zoe was ZONKED… she slept all the way home (she never sleeps in her crate in her car), and slept the rest of the night. I thought she would be up and about the next day, but oh no… she pretty much slept the whole next day as well… She would get up to eat, drink, and go out, but that is just about it. She was finally ready to be up and about a bit on Sunday.

It was a great time for everyone, and we can hardly wait for our next “family reunion”!

Okay, here are some pics… there are a lot, so bear with me…

Here are Zoe and Gianna playing after we arrived: 

Zoe (brindle) chasing her mom Phoenix, and being followed by Gianna (top) and Jagger (bottom, smaller fawn):

Zoe and Gianna mixing it up, Phoenix looking on:

Zoe’s mom Phoenix… 62 SOLID punds of Bullie!

Nice shot of Zoe’s Badonkadonk… here she and Jagger are ganging up on Gianna!

Gianna escaping!

Zoe stepping over Gainna, Jagger is sleeping for the moment… Phoenix is coming over to regulate…

Zoe getting schooled by Phoenix, with Jagger grabbing a foot:

1…2…3… you’re pinned! Zoe wins!

3-bullie pileup… Jagger (9-weeks) holding his own, Zoe (pink collar), and Zoe’s sister Lola (green harness):

Zoe and Piggie:

Piggie pinning Zoe:

Lola and Gianna wrestling… Zoe looking on:

Zoe tired (at bottom). Top left is Jagger with his mom Sadie (Brindle/white), top right are Lola and Gianna going at it:

The group is getting pooped out…

Zoe is thinking “Can’t you let me sleep?”:


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