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August 19, 2007

Hey all…   okay, in this case “all” really refers to the 2-3 people that actually read this…

Juast a quick post to inform you that I will be taking a break from posting for a little bit.  The blog really hasn’t really been what I expected so far, and I need to wait until I have more time to dedicate to my writing for it to work at all.   I had wanted to include all sorts of my random ramblings and thoughts, but time is not on my side at the moment.

Plus, with 2 or so comments and no subscribers, its not like I think anyone is going to give a rusty fuck anyway.

 I still subscribe to several blogs, and will continue to enjoy them.  I also encourage you to visit all of the cigar sites I have linked for you to the right.

Thanks and take care for now!


Cigars of the Day: 08/07 – 08/12

August 13, 2007

COTD: 08-07-07 – Oliva Series V Double Toro…  good cigar, but 60 ring gauge?  Damn….    Too damn big and distracting, but great flavor – I look forward to trying another in a more reasonable size…

COTD: 08-08-07 – Had an Hoyo Epicure No. 1 with PO in the afternoon – good as always.  Finished the evening with a 2003 Hoyo du Prince… now THAT was an amazing little stick!

COTD: 08-09-07 – Had a Padrón 1926 #35 Maduro…   mmmmm…. good….

COTD: 08-11-07 – Enjoyed a Tatuaje Havana VI Victorias….  I am loving these!

COTD: 08-12-07 – Had an Epi 2 in the evening…  my last night before school starts!

Cigars of the Day: 08/01 – 08/06

August 7, 2007

Lots of great cigars this week…  if only there was more time!

COTD: 08-01-07 – Okay, today didn’t start great… in fact it started out pretty awful.  Started off the afternoon with a really old Cuba Aliados Robusto-ish thing…    blech.  Fortunately, I was able to finish the evening with an Hoyo de Monterey Epicure No. 2….    now THAT is a cigar!

COTD: 08-02-07 – A couple of quickies today.  Had a WOAM (Work of Art Maduro) in the afternoon and a Partagás Short in the early evening.  Both were very nice.

COTD: 08-03-07 – Another great cigar day!  The afternoon was brightened by a Tatuaje Havana VI Lancero – a great smoke!  I ended the evening with a Litto Gomez Lusitano…   wow…  strong….   but in a good way, with a subtle sweetness on the palate as well.

COTD: 08-04-07 – My first smoke at a party was a RASS (Ramón Allones Specially Selected), and this was followed shortly by a La Gloria Cubana Series R #4 Maduro…  a couple of great smokes!

COTD: 08-05-07 – Enjoyed a Padilla Miama Lancer today…   what a fantastic smoke…  I am really liking the Lancero size lately!

COTD: 08-06-07 – Smoked an ’04 BBF while I was out roasting coffee…  The Bolívar Belicosos Finos is wonderful with a little age!

Cigars of the Day: 07/25 – 07/31

August 1, 2007

Well, it seems that I am already becoming rather lazy about getting my COTD entries in…  The days just seem to slip by and I don’t get shit done.  As a result, I think I am going to try doing the updates on an approximately weekly basis.  So here we go!

COTD: 07-25-07 – Started off the day with a PSD4 from ’04…   a nice way to enjoy lunch.  Next was a Don Francisco Robusto in the early evening.  I finished off the evening with an El Cobre torp – a definite winner!

COTD: 07-26-07 – My only cigar today was a Ramón Allones Specially Selected…   Great as usual!

COTD: 07-29-07 – After a busy day in San Francisco (including a nice bit of flesh torn from my ankle… thanks Dave!  :-))  I had a La Aurora Preferidos (Gold Tube).   Not bad.

COTD: 07-30-07 – Started off with someting new… an Illusione 68 (their PC-sized smoke).  Pretty good – I will hold on passing judgment until I try some other sizes.  In the evening, had a great Boliva Petite Corona from ’05.

COTD: 07-31-70 – After a nice day in Santa Cruz celebrating our anniversary (and despite me suffering some kind of ridiculous fucking headache), I enjoyed a Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos to celebrate another great year with my wonderful wife…   (awwwwwww……)