Cigars of the Day: 08/01 – 08/06

Lots of great cigars this week…  if only there was more time!

COTD: 08-01-07 – Okay, today didn’t start great… in fact it started out pretty awful.  Started off the afternoon with a really old Cuba Aliados Robusto-ish thing…    blech.  Fortunately, I was able to finish the evening with an Hoyo de Monterey Epicure No. 2….    now THAT is a cigar!

COTD: 08-02-07 – A couple of quickies today.  Had a WOAM (Work of Art Maduro) in the afternoon and a Partagás Short in the early evening.  Both were very nice.

COTD: 08-03-07 – Another great cigar day!  The afternoon was brightened by a Tatuaje Havana VI Lancero – a great smoke!  I ended the evening with a Litto Gomez Lusitano…   wow…  strong….   but in a good way, with a subtle sweetness on the palate as well.

COTD: 08-04-07 – My first smoke at a party was a RASS (Ramón Allones Specially Selected), and this was followed shortly by a La Gloria Cubana Series R #4 Maduro…  a couple of great smokes!

COTD: 08-05-07 – Enjoyed a Padilla Miama Lancer today…   what a fantastic smoke…  I am really liking the Lancero size lately!

COTD: 08-06-07 – Smoked an ’04 BBF while I was out roasting coffee…  The Bolívar Belicosos Finos is wonderful with a little age!


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