Cigars of the Day: 08/07 – 08/12

COTD: 08-07-07 – Oliva Series V Double Toro…  good cigar, but 60 ring gauge?  Damn….    Too damn big and distracting, but great flavor – I look forward to trying another in a more reasonable size…

COTD: 08-08-07 – Had an Hoyo Epicure No. 1 with PO in the afternoon – good as always.  Finished the evening with a 2003 Hoyo du Prince… now THAT was an amazing little stick!

COTD: 08-09-07 – Had a Padrón 1926 #35 Maduro…   mmmmm…. good….

COTD: 08-11-07 – Enjoyed a Tatuaje Havana VI Victorias….  I am loving these!

COTD: 08-12-07 – Had an Epi 2 in the evening…  my last night before school starts!


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