Arganese CL3 Robusto

Arganese CL3 Robusto
5 x 50
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Date: 07.20.08
Smoke Time: incomplete

The wrapper is a nice deep-brown color with some darker mottling.  There is a visible oily sheen.  There is one significant vein from the head to about 1/3 towards the foot.  The construction is solid and even, with a couple of small bumps near the top of the band.  I won’t make any negative comments about the band on this one as it is a temporary band only.  I have seen the production bands, and they are much nicer.  Prelight aroma had a spicy overtone with subtle scents of dried cherries and hay.  Prelight taste had a soil-like earthiness and dried fruit.  There was a slight tingle on my lips and tongue already.

It started off right away with spicy flavors at the forefront.  The interesting thing is that it was all at the front of my mouth and not anywhere deeper on my palate.  The draw was a little bit tight, but not enough to be distracting.  The ash was solid and medium gray in color.  My sample definitely needs some more age…  there was an amonia undertone to the flavor that was distracting.

Raw strength dominates the cigar with spicy flavors that were powerful and a bit on-dimensional.  The amonia flavors were not subsiding –  they started to coem to the forefront to the point that they were objectionable.  I had to pitch the cigar at about the halfway point.


From my brief intro, this seems like it was all “in your face” power with no real backing flavors or complexity.  This is a pre-release version, so I wonder if regular production versions will be aged further and have a more refined profile?


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