Drew Estates Chateau Real Gran Templar

Drew Estates Chateau Real Gran Tamplar
6 x 52
Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut Shade
Binder: Mexico
Filler: Nicaragua / Dominican Republic
Date: 07.23.08
Smoke Time: 65 min.

A very smooth light caramel colored wrapper.  There were no major veins, and a couple of small cracks near the head.  One was about 1/16” long  and was about 3/4” from the head.  The second crack seemed to have a tiny flap that had folded back, and was glued back down.  The cigar was firmly packed with no soft spots, and it was springy to the touch.  Prelight aroma had hay and floral notes with a slight sweetness.  Prelight taste was hay and black tea.  The cap seemed a bit hastily applied, and the fill was a touch loose at the head.

The cigar started off with very mild flavors of toast and a slight grassiness.  There was also an overall creaminess that was nice.  Though mild, there was the slightest hint of black pepper spiciness just barely at the back of my palate.  Though barely noticeable at all, it gave a nice balance to the creaminess.

The pleasant mild flavors continued.  The subtle black pepper at the start was replaced by wet cedar flavors, which went well with the other flavors from the first third.  The grassiness became drier and more hay-like.

A very slight intensification of the flavors from the second third occurred.  The cigar moved from the mild to the mild-medium range.

A vey pleasant mild cigar with a good array of flavors.  The creaminess had a nice evolution of complimentary flavors (spice, cedar, grass, and hay) that kept the cigar interesting.  This cigar was proof that not all mild cigars have to be flavorless and boring.  Worth a try if you are in the mood for something mild.


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