Litto Gomez Diez Americano

Litto Gomez Diez Americano
5-3/4 x 46
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Date: 08.04.08
Smoke Time: 62 min.

This cigar is beautiful to look at…  I wish I had taken pictures!  A smooth reddish-brown wrapper covers a well-constructed cigar with no blemishes or soft spots.  There are visible oils shining on the wrapper.  Prelight aroma was very oaky with a definite molasses-like sweetness.  Prelight flavors consisted mainly of sweetness, a slight licorice undertone, and heavy spices.  There was a slight tingle on my tongue.

There was a spicincess at my tongue and lips right from the beginning which blended beautifully with a slight sweetness.  These flavors were complimented by deep earthy and spicy undertones.  The nice thing is that the flavors were all layered in such a way that they are all distinct in the blend, each at a different spot on my palate.

As the first third ends and the second third begins, a hearty spicy flavor took over with a deep strength component that seems to radiate from my chest.

The spiciness mellowed out and reblended with the sweetness, with cedary flavors added in.  The deep strength is still there – it is not as noticeable on the attack, but the deep fullness is definitely still there.

I usually don’t smoke cigars quite this strong, and I am happy to report that this one did not disappoint.  In what seems to be a market full of cigars blended for nothing but strength, it was nice to find a cigar that was able to combine the strength with a tasty evolution of flavors.  The sweetness and earthiness proved to balance well with the spiciness and strength.  A good cigar that I am glad I saved for after dinner.

HERE is the information from the LFD website.


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5 Responses to “Litto Gomez Diez Americano”

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  2. Her Humidor Says:

    I am starting to get into fuller flavored spicy smokes. This vitola size is right up my alley too. Great review!

  3. Barry Says:

    Hey I will add you to my blogroll in a few days. thanks for the comment. I am out of town so when I return I will gladly do it.

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  5. Kevin Says:

    Nice review, man. And a good smoke as well. My favorite size. — Regards, K

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