My Altadis USA Appearance…

So, back on July 5th PO and I put together what turned out to be quite a herf…    This 1st Annual Modesto Herf turned out to be a great event with over 20 BOTL in attendance from a variety of cigar forums.  We ate, drank, and smoked until early the next morning.

One of the sponsors of our event was Altadis USA.  After a few emails back and forth, I was invited to join their VIP program for people throwing regional cigar events, etc. 

About a week after the herf, I sent thank you emails to all of our sponsors along with a few pictures…

A few days ago, I received the Altadis USA VIP Newsletter, “Cigar News”.  I read the front page and flipped it over to read the second page when I got a bit of a shock…   There was my mug looking right back at me — one of the pics from our herf made it into the newsletter!   Wow!

Here we are…

1st Annual Modesto Herf

1st Annual Modesto Herf

And a closeup…  forgive the poor resolution, it was the best I could do…
Jebus, MaytagMan (me), Sergione, PO

Jebus, MaytagMan (me), Sergione, PO

Thanks again to John Conroy and Altadis USA for their kind and generous support!
To check out Sergio and Jebus in action as Churros y Puros, CLICK HERE.   You have to do it!  Cigar reviews, rants, mayhem, and a healthy dose of that other stuff…   Check them out.  Subscribe.  Enjoy.
That’s all for now.

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