Cubao #5

Cubao #5
6-1/8 x 50
Date: 08-15-08
Smoke Time: 80 minutes
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra Oscuro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua


The wraper is a deep brown color with some black mottled patches.  It was smooth and evenly packed with no major veins.  There were a couple of small bumps near the head.  The prelight aroma was wonderfully spicy with heavy woodiness and a slight sweetness as well.  The prelight taste gave me hints of dried fruit and sweetness with a heavy and aromatic spiciness.  There was already a cayenne-like peppery bite at the tip of my tongue.

There were super spicy flavors at the forefront right from the first puff.  There was also an underlying smoothness that was almost creamy.  It was almost a little odd in that the initial spicy blast at the front of my palate has no real backing flavor to “hold it up”.  Though the creaminess is nice, it does not stand up to the tongue-tingling spiciness and almost leaves it a bit “thin” for lack of a better term.

I started to get a slight sweetness from the wrapper.  The spicy flavors mellowed out a bit, and a deep and robust woodiness joined the flavors that really balanced everything out well.

The flavors from the second third continued.  The strength really started to kick in here, and the spiciness became deeper and fuller throughout my entire mouth.


A strong cigar.  Fortunately, the strength was accompanied by a good array of spicy and woody flavors.  The first third paled in comparison to the blending and building of strength and flavors in the second and final thirds.


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