Tobaccos Baez Favoritas

Tobaccos Baez Favoritas
5-1/2 x 52
Date: 08-16-08
Smoke Time: 74 minutes
Wrapper: Connecticut Ecuador
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

A smooth reddish-brown wrapper covered the cigar.  There were no major veins or defects.  There was an interesting construction issue that I noticed – the cut at the foot was not perpendicular.  The cigar was nice and spongy to the touch with no hard or soft spots.  Prelight aroma was toasted hay with a pleasant musty spiciness.  The aroma at the foot of the cigar added a slight hint of barnyard and pencil shavings.  Prelight taste was cedar and white pepper with a touch of spearmint.

The cigar started off with a pleasant medium body.  There were creamy and grassy flavors with the typical “Pepinesque” peppery spiciness at the very back of my palate and throat. 

The spiciness in the back of my throat moved about halfway forward into my palate and began to overtake the creamy and grassy flavors.  There were also slight notes of cinnamon.

The spiciness mellowed out leaving a peppery bite on my tongue, and allowing a slight sweetness to emerge.  As the final third continued, the flavors intensified.  The strength also kicked up a notch and there was a mild nic kick.

This was a very enjoyable cigar.  Aside from the first third being a little bit harsh , the flavors really blended and evolved well.  The spiciness was a nice counterpoint to the milder flavors.  My favorite part of the cigar was definitely the middle third.  I think that some age will do these some good – especially in calming down the attack in the first third.


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One Response to “Tobaccos Baez Favoritas”

  1. Joel Says:

    Very impressed; first review of your’s I have read. Pencil Shavings??? Genius! I’ve noticed that smell on some very impressive cigars–especially Connecticut wrappers like the Cabaiguan and Rey Miguel (one of Black Cat cigar’s house brands) –better never thought to describe it as pencil shavings.

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