Padilla Series ’68 Lancero

Padilla Series ’68 Lancero
Size: 7 x 38
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Corojo)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Date: 08-31-08
Smoke Time: 70 minutes

I picked up a few different Padilla Lanceros at a Padilla event at Cigar Monkey in Merced, CA on Thursday, August 28.  They were sampling the Series ’68 Toros that night…   I enjoyed the cigar, and was curious to see how the blend would be in a Lancero.  I was not disappointed!

A well-constructed lancero with no knots or soft spots.  The wrapper was an oily medium brown with no major veins or defects.  The cigar had a pigtail cap.  Prelight aroma had lots of cedar with a little barnyard and a touch of spice.  Prelight flavor had pungent spice flavors and notes of top soil.

The cigar started off right away with thick, billowing clouds of smoke.  It opened up with a pleasant medium-bodied woody flavor with some spiciness at the back of my palate and creeping up into my nose.  There were also some notes of hay.

A nice peppery spiciness started at the end of the first third.  It was just at the tip of my tongue and not overpowering at all.  This peppery bite was a great compliment to the flavor profile.

The peppery spiciness maintained its level, and actually widened out from the tip of my tongue to include my lips and the front of my palate at well.  The woody flavor became deeper, almost to the point of earthiness.  A slight touch of grassiness also developed as well.

The final third was much different than I was expecting.  I am accustomed to the final third building in intensity and strength.  This cigar actually smoothed out in the final third.  All of the woody, spicy, and earthy flavors were still there, but they were smoother with a creamy-like overtone.  Very nice.

A very enjoyable lancero.  It had a solid medium body and a good blend and balance of flavors.   It never became overpowering or harsh, and actually became smoother and more refined in the final third.  At approximately $5-7 each, it is definitely worth considering for a future purchase.


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