Punch Robusto 2005 Edición Regional Suiza

Punch Robusto 2005 Edición Regional – Suiza (Switzerland)
Size: 4.9” x 50
Age: (Box code unknown.)
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Date: 09-13-08
Smoke Time: 73 minutes

Thanks go to Alex of CCF for the opportunity to try this cigar!

A light caramel-colored wrapper with no major veins or defects at all.  The cigar appeared to be well packed with no noticeable hard or soft spots.  Prelight aroma was light and cedary with some floral and sweet elements.  The balance was great, and the aroma was very pleasing.  The prelight flavor was light and refreshing – there were light tobacco flavors complimented by a honeysuckle sweetness and touch of cinnamon.

Though the draw was a touch tighter than I prefer, it did not present any problems or distraction at all.  It started with pleasant mild flavors – cedar with a smooth creaminess and straight tobacco flavors.

The smooth cedary and creamy flavors continued.  Additional flavors developed as this third did – toast and a touch of grass.

The light and smooth flavors continued, and a slight butterscotch-like sweetness developed just as I reached the band.  There was a slight intesnification of flavors in the last inch or so – there was a very slight bite of spice, but it did not become anything significant.  I was able to smoke this cigar to the nub without it heating up much at all.

A pleasant mild cigar that would be excellent in the morning or at lunchtime.  The delicate and mild flavors would not be able to stand up to a full-flavored meal or beverage.  Well worth a try for a change of pace.


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