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Some sad news…

October 22, 2008

Larry Deleski (Belicoso_Fino), one of the owners of the International Cigar Club cigar forum, passed away on Sunday morning.  ICC has become an excellent and most informative cigar community, and his presence will be sorely missed.


Please smoke your next cigar in his honor, and send some positive thoughts out to his family during this difficult time.


RIP Larry.






Lawrence A. Deleski (Dziegielewski)
Age 50, died suddenly at his home in Frisco, TX, on Sunday, October 19, 2008.
Larry grew up in Wilmington, DE, graduated from John Dickinson High School in 1975. He was a world-renowned computer expert and wrote many articles for computer magazines. Larry enjoyed playing the guitar, had a love for planes, fast cars and loved his Harleys. He was an avid golfer, loved fine wine and a good cigar, and loved spending time with his family.

Larry is survived by his wife, Elise; daughter, Gabriella; sons, Andrew and Bryan of Wilmington, DE. Also surviving are his parents, Stanley and Shirley Dziegielewski of Ormond Beach, FL; his brothers, Michael Dziegielewski and his daughters, Michelle and Nicole of Wilmington, DE; and Mark Dziegielewski and his wife Debbie; their daughters, Brooke, Allison and Kristen of Wilmington, DE; aunts and uncles, John and Theresa Zielinski, Steve and Christine Paraskewich; and cousins, Lenny and Denise Zielinski, Susan Rhoades and Jeff Mace, Scott and Patty Matthews.

Friends and family are invited to gather in memory of Larry, Wednesday, October 22, at 11 am, at the home of Scott and Patty Matthews, 101 E. Bridle Path, Hockessin Hunt, Hockessin, DE. Memorial will follow at 12 noon.

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests contributions to the American Cancer Society, 92 Reads Way, New Castle, DE 19720





H. Upmann Magnum 50

October 18, 2008

H. Upmann Magnum 50
Size: 6-3/8 x 50
Box Code: LSO JUN 08
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba

Date: 10/17/08
Smoke Time: 98 minutes

This is a very nice looking cigar.  It is well-constructed with no hard or soft spots, and the wrapper is very smooth and has a deep reddish-brown color.  Prelight aromas were spicy and leathery with a hint of jasmine.  Prelight taste was mainly cedar and black tea.

The cigar started off with some pleasant leathery and spicy flavors.  They blended well together, and there was not a harsh edge or bite at all.  The draw was perfect, and I got nice, thick clouds of smoke every time.  As this third continued, I began to detect a slight touch of hay at the back of my palate.


The great flavor combination continued, and the spiciness became a little more pronounced.  The leathery flavors still created a nice background to the cigar.  The hay flavors in the back of my palate from the first third evolved into a creaminess – this really rounded out the flavor profile nicely.


The flavors intensified slightly with the spiciness concentrating a bit, and the leathery flavors becoming a bit sharper.  I was able to smoke this cigar right to the nub without it heating up excessively, and without any harshness or bitterness at all.


An excellent cigar that was enjoyable to smoke.  The flavor combinations and evolution were right up my alley.  The nice leathery and spicy flavors were consistent throughout, and provided a nice foundation to some evolving flavors that I found at the back of my palate and in my nose.  With this much character at such a young age, I will look forward to trying these with a few years on them to see how they develop!

H. Upmann Monarcas (2001)

October 5, 2008

H. Upmann Monarcas
7 x 47
Box Code: SLA MAY 01
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Date: 10-03-08
Smoke Time: 110 minutes

A beautifully constructed cigar covered with a smooth light-brown wrapper.  There was a small tear in the wrapper at about the halfway point of the cigar, and not other defects or major veins.  The cigar had a pretty fair box press – likely due to a 7+ year nap in a dress box.  Prelight aroma was dominated by a pleasant spicy mustiness.  There were also hints of salt and cedar.  Prelight taste consisited of raisins, a touch of sweetness, and leather.



The draw was a touch tighter than I prefer, but it was not distracting at all.  The cigar started right off with some very pleasant leathery flavors that filled my mouth.  There was also the slightest hint of the saltiness that I found in the prelight aroma.  This third is very smooth and well-balanced.


The leather flavors became a little more subdued, with a subtle grassiness moving to the forefront.  A very slight spiciness also mixed in with the grassiness as this third progressed.  It was very subtle – just barely noticable – and it was a great compliment to the grassiness.


The spiciness intensified just a little bit, but it is still a small overall part of the flavor profile.  The grassiness has transitioned back to the leather of the first third, but this time it is a very smooth wet leather flavor.  It is not heating up at all, and the cigar is still very tasty.


I really enjoyed this cigar!   It was a very smooth and refined smoke, with an interesting evolution of flavors that certainly kept my interest.  I think that the age has really made this into a smooth and enjoyable cigar without any bite or twang at all.  Definitely recommended!