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Hey, you made it!

Bill Berris here…  for those that don’t know me, I also post as MaytagMan on several cigar forums…

 Hey…  thanks for reading.  No, really.  I have no idea what is going to go on here, but the ride should be fun while it lasts.  Not the Disneyland Teacup vomit-spewing kind of fun, more like the apprehensive last few minutes of the drive to your first colonoscopy kind of fun.

You may find a lot of different material here – cigar reviews, coffee stuff, rants about God knows what, and just about anyting else.  If you are easily offended, think twice before reading on. 

Oh, that reminds me…  Please subscribe to the feed and leave comments! 

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 If you want to contact me directly Email me!  –  (Be sure the word blog is in the subject line so it gets past the spam filter.) 

~Bill Berris

 Parental Advisory 50% size

Very Nice!

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