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Zoe’s First Family Reunion: 07-20-07

July 23, 2007

Wow… what a Friday Zoe had – I think she is still a little tired from all of that play!I am so happy that our breeder is not just someone that we bought a puppy from and that is it… we (all of the new families of Zoe and her littermates) keep in contact and share stories frequently, and it is really fun to hear that Zoe is not the only wacky one! 🙂 So, it worked out that Zoe and I were going to go up for a visit Friday evening along with one of Zoe’s sisters, Lola, and her new family.

I knew it was going to be a fun time as Kim (the breeder) hadn’t seen Zoe in a month and was anxious to see how she has grown… Zoe was about 12 lbs when she left, and was about 29 lbs the night we were there! Plus, Zoe was going to get to play with her momma Phoenix, her sister Gianna, and the other bulldogs that Kim and her husband have – Sadie, Sadie’s newer pup (8-weeks) Jagger, Piggy, and Mr. B. That and Lola coming meant there were goign to be an awful lot of bulldogs there!

So, Zoe and I got there a little early – about 5:30… Kim was SUPER excited to see Zoe and how she has grown, then we let Zoe in and there was chaos! She immediately went over and said hi to her sister (Gianna) and mom (Phoenix) and they all started running around the house together, wrestling, and having all sorts of fun. It was soooo funny and fun to watch.

After a while Lola and her family got there, and it started all over again. We eventually went out to the front yard and let them play and play and play. It was funny that one would try to plop down for a nap, and would quickly get attacked by another bullie and drawn back into the fray! 🙂

Needless to say, Zoe was ZONKED… she slept all the way home (she never sleeps in her crate in her car), and slept the rest of the night. I thought she would be up and about the next day, but oh no… she pretty much slept the whole next day as well… She would get up to eat, drink, and go out, but that is just about it. She was finally ready to be up and about a bit on Sunday.

It was a great time for everyone, and we can hardly wait for our next “family reunion”!

Okay, here are some pics… there are a lot, so bear with me…

Here are Zoe and Gianna playing after we arrived: 

Zoe (brindle) chasing her mom Phoenix, and being followed by Gianna (top) and Jagger (bottom, smaller fawn):

Zoe and Gianna mixing it up, Phoenix looking on:

Zoe’s mom Phoenix… 62 SOLID punds of Bullie!

Nice shot of Zoe’s Badonkadonk… here she and Jagger are ganging up on Gianna!

Gianna escaping!

Zoe stepping over Gainna, Jagger is sleeping for the moment… Phoenix is coming over to regulate…

Zoe getting schooled by Phoenix, with Jagger grabbing a foot:

1…2…3… you’re pinned! Zoe wins!

3-bullie pileup… Jagger (9-weeks) holding his own, Zoe (pink collar), and Zoe’s sister Lola (green harness):

Zoe and Piggie:

Piggie pinning Zoe:

Lola and Gianna wrestling… Zoe looking on:

Zoe tired (at bottom). Top left is Jagger with his mom Sadie (Brindle/white), top right are Lola and Gianna going at it:

The group is getting pooped out…

Zoe is thinking “Can’t you let me sleep?”:

Oh, Zoe!

July 16, 2007

So we had another vet appointment today with Zoe – time for more shots!   She does a great job at the vet, and even tried to play with a syringe a little bit!  🙂   So we had our official weigh-in today…    any guesses?    Drum Roll………..

At 14 weeks old, she weighs in at a stout 26.5lbs…   I couldn’t believe it!  I know she has grown a lot, but it is amazing, as we were used to Monte, who was a little smaller…   (he weighed 30 lbs. at 5 months old)   This growth spurt she is in is obviously “out” and not “up”.    She is in great health, and is really getting good at our walks (though I will give her today off as it was injection day).   She is good at keeping up and not pulling too much at all.  Our neighborhood is pretty quiet, so we don’t have too many interruptions in our routine.

A couple of days ago, Nicole left to run some errands and left Zoe in the kitchen while I was finishing up some work in the office.  I heard some strange noises coming from the kitchen, so I went to investigate…     Apparently, Mom left a drawer open a little too much, and the temptation was too great.

Here are some pics of the guilty party and the aftermath…    too funny!

(click thumbnails to enlarge)

Who me?!?!?


Zoe – what a character!

July 3, 2007

Greetings —

Nicole hasn’t picked up an outfit for Zoe recently, but it seems that she does enjoy nude sunbathing…  🙂    I had her out back while I was doing a little cooking on the BBQ, and she just plopped down in a nice patch of sun to take a nap.   After a little while, I refilled her pool for her and she got in for a little dip…   she ended up just laying right down in the water in a patch of shade.  (That is why she is a little dark in the pool pics)



Zoe is so much calmer around people than Monte was at this stage in her life – it is like night and day.  I took her to Starbucks yesterday – I had an iced tea outside and she had her water.  She promptly fell sound asleep.  A few people wanted to pet her – I tried to wake her up and point the people out to her.  She looked at them, looked at me with the “Dad, you must be crazy if you think I am getting up” look, and fell right back asleep…  too funny!

We have been walking on lead, and she is doing okay…   she will get going pretty well, and get distracted or want to sniff around.  I don’t give her any leeway and get her back on track, and it is getting a little better…   practice, practice, practice…

We have puppy class tonight, so I am sure Zoe will get a nap in there…   :-p

Zoe, Zoe, Zoe 06-25-07

June 25, 2007

Zoe is doing really well… she just had an appointment today for shots, and she weighed in at a healthy 19.6 lbs.   She is getting so big – I still remember when she was a little hamster right after she was born!

She continues to love to play, but she is much better at nipping at us unless she get real wound up…   🙂   She is still quite the chewer, and is getting a lot of use out of her Kongs.  Potty training is also going great – she is starting to bark if she is in her crate or in the kitchen and needs to go out, and she is doing a great job of holding it overnight.

Her newest trick is something she learned playing outside.  I have a big water bowl out there that I fill with ice and water when we are playing.   First, she will stick a paw in there and stir around, like she is trying to clear out a spot to get to the water without an ice cube in the way…   then she will just step into the bowl with one foot and then the other and stand there with her front 2 feet in the water bowl.  Then she will step her front paws out and step her back paws in the water and just look at me.  Usually after that at some point the water bow ends up being kicked over.   It is a lot less funny when this happens inside…

Here are some pics of what she does best!




More about Zoe 06-19-07

June 20, 2007

More About Zoe  06-19-07

So, Zoe is doing very well.  She is really doing great with going outside to potty, and still really enjoys sleeping.  She loves to sleep in the kitchen either in her bed or on the cool floor.   She is still going through the chewing stage, so we are really on her about that…  it figures we have the dog that seems to like the taste of Bitter Apple… 

She is dragging her leash around the house and does well with it until she decides it is time to play and that the leash is her toy…  She is great with meeting people, and does not show much fear.  Our neighbors really love her and sometimes we think they come over to visit her instead of us!

She is doing better with sleeping in her crate, though it really isn’t her favorite thing – so different than Monte who absolutely loved his crate.  She sleeps pretty much through the night and she has been successful at holding it, but in the morning she REALLY has to go!

Zoe really likes towels – she will play with one at any time…   we found this out when she found the towel that we kept under her water bowl.  One day she got a hold of it and yanked, flipping her full water bowl over!   Too funny.    ;D

So we had our first puppy class tonight and she did a good job.  Only one of her classmates showed tonight (though there are supposed to be others) – a Pomeranian of course…    what a little furball.   Funny thing was that whenever people came over they all wanted to pet Zoe, but didn’t give much attention to “Tinkerbell”…  yes, I said Tinkerbell… 

So, as soon as the trainer starts talking about the course outline, etc, what does Zoe do?  She stretches right out for a nap about 3 feet in front of my chair in the “Superman Bullie” pose…   She was out.   The trainer actually had to laugh.   After the intro, we worked on really basic sit and down using a treat as a motivator.

It was a lot of fun, and as we ended the people from the next class all had a great time playing with Zoe.

Needless to say, she came home and was ready for a nap!

Zoe is quite the character…

June 14, 2007


Zoe is doing great…   she enjoyed her first trip out for an iced tea with me today.  She enjoyed sitting in my lap, drinking icewater, and people watching.
Crate training is going very well – in fact, yesterday she was sleeping in the office while I was working…  she got up and started barking, and then ran to the back door.  I opened it and she went out and did her thing…   We were shocked that she did that so quickly – it seemed to take forever to make that breakthrough with Monte!
She also sleeps a lot – lazy just like her father.   She could sleep the whole day away.   In fact, there have been times that we have taken her out for potty when she was tired, and she decided to just plop down on the grass and try to get some sleep… too funny!
Zoe has done great with meeting people, and really loves to play…  when she gets in her play-mood, she is really ready to go!
Here are some pics –
One pic of her sleeping makes it look like she is missing a leg…    🙂







Zoe… she is making a reputation for herself…

June 12, 2007

Well, Zoe’s second night was a nightmare…   she was up all night crying.  The toughest thing is that we didn’t get up all the time to check on her (so that she doesn’t learn that crying means immediate attention) – just 3-4 potty breaks through the night…     The problem was that we let her relax on Saturday since she was in a new environment, and she slept the day away!  A few times when we took her out to potty, she would sniff around the grass and then plop down for a nap right there on the back lawn!


Last night (Sunday night) was much better.  We introduced her to several neighborhood kids and she really seemed to have fun giving them all kisses.  Plus, we had a lot more play time through the day so she was beat when it came to bedtime.  She fell right asleep and made it a couple of good hours before her first potty break.  There were only a couple through the night, and then she got up with Nicole.  Nicole let her out to potty and then she was charged and ready to play!  I was semi-awake when Nicole left, but I knew that Zoe was not going to be quiet in her crate as she still wanted to play.  I got up a little past 6 and we played.


She has been really good with making it out back to use the facilities.


We have a lead on her that she is dragging around the house for now.  She doesn’t really like the leash, but the beginning of leash training can be challenging…  she will get it. 


Will start some basic training this afternoon as time permits…   will start with recall and sit and see how things go.


Right now she is sleeping at my feet as I type this – just like Monte used to!