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Bringing Zoe Home

June 9, 2007

Bringing Zoe Home

So, yesterday was finally the day to bring Zoe the English Bulldog puppy home.  As you can probably guess, she whined and cried as soon as we left the home she had known for the past 9-10 weeks.

She actually cried the whole way to Nicole’s grandma’s house there in Elk Grove.

We stopped by for about 15 minutes, which have Zoe a chance to go potty and have a drink of water. 

 Zoe with Dad

When we left, Nicole decided to move to the back seat so that she could talk to Zoe and try to keep her calm.

She was still crying when we passed through Lodi, so we stopped again to let her have some water and make another potty stop.  She must have really had to go as when we got back on the road both of the girls (Nicole and Zoe) fell asleep for the rest of the drive home.

When we got home, we let Zoe have yet another potty break and then got her inside and let her explore her new home a bit.  She really seemed to like her new bed, and sat right down in it to see how it felt.

Zoe’s new bed

Then it was snack time – she heard that food back from across the kitchen and came running…    I gave her a little snack so that her stomach would be settled for the evening, and she had her fill of water as well.  What a piglet!



Then she was walking around and just plopped on the floor for a nap!



Took her out for potty again, and then it was bedtime as we were tired, and Zoe was fading as well.  I introduced her to her crate – she was a little hesitant, but once she got in she was more than happy to plop down on all of her blankets!

She did cry a little bit through the night, but it was not nearly as bad as we thought it would be.  She fell right asleep and woke up about 4 times.  She would start whining and one of us would take her right out.  Lucky that we carried her out as the very moment her feet touched the grass out back she was peeing!   Then it was back to bed.

She had a pretty uneventful night.  In the morning she went out again, met our neighbors across the street, and then came in for breakfast.  She ate a little bit, drank a bit and then sat down with me on the couch.  Nicole was out on a walk, and it ended up being nap time for the two of us.

When Nicole got back from her walk we had breakfast and Zoe played a little bit.  Then she was tired yet again, and we put her in her crate (where she is as I type this) for a nap.