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Alec Bradley Pryme #300C

June 25, 2007

Alec Bradly Pryme #300C
7 x 48
Wrapper: Ecuador Corona Priming
Binder: Mexico
Filler: DR, NIC, HON, MEX
Date:  06-25-07
Time: 75 mins.
The Hype:
“Pryme uses wrapper leaf from the corona, or flowering top part of the tobacco plant. More popularly known as ligero, it is generally used in the filler’s central core, to boost its power. The wrapper displays a lustrous sheen, due to the extra oils that protect this top leaf from the sun.

Pryme’s production is limited and costly, because there is less than a 10% yield from an entire year’s crop. The medium-to-full bodied cigar gains its depth of flavor by balancing the ligero’s full aromatic flavor with a rich-tasting Mexican binder and four-nation filler blend from Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.”

The Real Deal:

Pre-light:  A dark and fairly oily wrapper…  there were a couple of major veins, and a few wrapper blemishes.  Pre-light aromas were cedar and mint, and the pre-light draw was perfect with wet tobacco and mint flavors.

1/3:  Started off mild with a slight grassy flavor.  There was nothing much else to speak of – it was almost like I wasn’t smoking a cigar at all.  Not very inspiring.

2/3:  same…

3/3:  same…

Overall:  Well, this was a little over an hour that I am never going to get back.  This cigar was definitely all hype and no substance.  It remained mild and grassy throughout the whole smoke – rather flat and boring.  It was entirely too mild – when I finished it really didn’t feel like I had a cigar at all.  Don’t waste your time.   

Score: 1/5